A new start for The Full English Breakfast! We talk about The Simpsons' chess episode featuring World Champion Magnus Carlsen.

Magnus Carlsen's star turn on The Simpsons

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The Reboot (a preview)


The Full English Breakfast is back! We'll be relaunching new weekly episodes in a matter of days. Tell all your friends!

Ring in the new...with our year in review, part deux! Generation X alive and kicking. Gazza "the boss" of FIDE? Borislav Ivanov fake out and and female Champions.

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027 - Reunion Show


Here's a year in review! Starting with Magnus Carlsen's run for the ultimate chess title. Wait, what!? The FEB is still a thing? Oh hell yeah!

Part 1 (and it won't be a year to wait for part 2!)


No Bucharest for the weary! Bilbao, London, Israel too.

(Below L-to-R: Alexander Grischuk, Stuart Conquest, Andy Costello. Credit: Macauley Peterson)


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025 - Olympiadding it Up


The Stevie G. behind the scenes report, with Grischuk, Leko and Memedyarov.

(Below-right: Sergei Movsesian, Levon Aronian, Arshok Petrosian. Credit: Macauley Peterson)


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Lost on the cutting room floor, we wrap up the summer supertournament news.

(Below: Fabiano Caruana, Sergei Karjakin. Credit: Macauley Peterson)

Fabiano Caruana, Sergei Karjakin

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Alibanban, the ACP adjournment experience, Gordon oh-so close in Brit Champs

(Below: Yuri Garrett, Gata Kamsky. Credit: Macauley Peterson)


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023 - Tal it Like it is


Magnus and McShane, 60 Tomashevsky Seconds, Fix Yasser Seirawan's Wiki

(Below [clockwise from left]: Anatoly Karpov, Magnus Carlsen, Luke McShane, Yasser Seirawan, Evgeny Tomashevsky . Credit: SaintLouisChessClub.org, and Macauley Peterson)

Tal it Like it is

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022 - Championship Fever


I'll take a World and US Championship, no fruit, and hold the draws please

(Below: Viswanathan Anand, Hikaru Nakamura. Credit: Alexey Yushenkov [courtesy FIDE], and Macauley Peterson)


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